Staff and Students - The 2024 Timetable will show Timetabled classes from 1 January to 22 December 2024 only. Online Courses may state 'no data available in table'. Information for these courses will be provided via Canvas.

As the Timetable is subject to unavoidable changes, you are reminded to check course information prior to commencement of classes.

Timetable Options
2024 Timetable The 2024 Student Timetable is available by clicking on this link.
Need help? Check the 'How to use the web timetable' video tutorial and guide
Web Room Booking This is the booking system for University staff to request adhoc bookings.
Simply login, define your room needs, dates and times, and a listing of the available rooms is shown.
Make your room selection, answer some questions, and receive a faster response from our Room Bookings team.

Commercial booking requests are processed by Confirmation of room bookings will generally be by return email.
Contact Information Academic Staff requiring changes to the Timetable, please use e-form Request to Amend Class Timetable Form.

Please Note:

University staff who have an internet login and password may access 'Staff Timetable' for nominated year to access Rooms: filter report.